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Posted by Mike Farrar on 22 August 2012

Following our recent email in support of advertising in Simply Red. June edition, page 13, we are now pleased to advise growers that Hercules Strydom has returned from leave and has joined AustraHort as manager of the SuperSorb business and is ready to respond to growers questions in relation to soil management via the use of AustraBlend®SuperSorb.

Hercules brings to the equation a wealth of knowledge, experience and integrity and will materially add to our efforts in marketing this outstanding product, both in Australia and overseas.


Soil conditons of SE QLD are predominantly in a state of imbalance due to naturally low CEC levels and excessive fertilizer applications, leading to an excess of soluble salts creating the potential for disease infestation, particularly at the time of runner planting.


AustraBlend®SuperSorb, comprised of selected Montmorillonite clays, first pasteurized compost and elements such as dolomite, gypsum or lime etc (dependant on soil profile) immediately addresses soil imbalances by increasing CEC to optimum levels, reducing the need for excessive fertilizer inputs, thus the risk of excessive build ups of damaging soluble salts.


Additional benefits contributed byt the selected clays are a very high level of water conservation attributed to the high swell factor of the clays (8 times volume), this fact bringing significant savings to water usage itself, then optimizing the benefits of applied fertilizers in that their molecules are maintained in the clays at the root zone and not lost to the leaching effect thus monetary saving coming from reduced application rates.


There are many other benefits, the virtual permanence of the clays so that they work year after year, significant increases to soil health and microbial activity, nutrient and moisture holding capacity, soil buffering, the list goes on.....


Please call Hercules Strydom 0400 228 169 or email Mike Farrar mfarrar@austrahort.com.au

Author:Mike Farrar

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