Comparisons with existing products

AustraBlend®Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner is unique in the fact that it addresses the two main deficiencies in Middle Eastern sands, namely:

  • Water conservation (by the inclusion of smectite clays) which bind, hold and make available water and dissolved nutrients to the plant.
  • Increased nutrient profile of the soil resulting from improved fertility releases significant amounts of macro and micro nutrients into the soil as they break down.


Historically there have been two distinct products marketed in the Middle East:

  • Synthetic water saving products, including water crystals, etc - these are man made products which hold amounts of water but this water is held under high soil water tension making it inefficiently available for plant utilisation.  These products break down over time and have a relatively short lifespan (6-9 months).
  • Soil water tension - the degree to which water molecules "cling" to soil components. The higher the soil water tension the more energy is required by plants to "pull" the water away from soil particles.  If water is held at too high a tension, plants will reach wilting point and die even though there is still water in the soil.  Synthetic water saving products are known for holding water at high soil water tension so that although they absorb large amounts of water the plants cannot access it.  AustraBlend® holds water at low tension making water and nutrients maximally available to plant roots.
  • Soil mediums which include coco peat, compost, etc - these products have a high level of organic matter but break down very quickly and have usually totally degraded within nine months without providing any additional nutrients to the soil.

Because AustraBlend® is a Soil Conditioner and is designed to improve the complete soil profile (a concept that has not been implemented before) there are actually no other comparable products on the market!






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