What is AustraBlend®Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner?

The principal ingredient of AustraBlend®Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner is comprised of a mixture of nontronite smectite clays and crystalline feldspars mainly consisting of tectosilicate based minerals.

It has variable grain sizes from less than 0.05 mm, but with sparse plagioclase prisms reaching about 3 mm long.  The average length of plagioclase prisms is about 0.4 mm for the microphenocrystic fraction and about 0.2 mm for the groundmass fraction.

The plagioclase is calcic, and some crystals are distinctly compositionally zoned.                          


How does AustraBlend® work?

AustraBlend®Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner has been designed to address the low water holding capacity of sands as well as providing a balanced blend of nutrients for plant growth.

Clays are negatively charged particles whilst fertilisers (NPK) are positively charged.  When AustraBlend® is mixed with sand, the clay particles attract and bind the fertilisers which would otherwise be leached below the sand substrate and lost from the root zone.  These fertilisers are then able to be used by the plants for growth.

Clay particles also attract and hold water molecules which would otherwise percolate down through the sand.  The water and fertilisers held by clay particles are held under low tension enabling plant roots to easily access them as distinct from some zeolites which hold at high surface tension.

When applied at approved rates, AustraBlend® will result in up to 50% less water and fertilisers being applied to the soil, thus providing substantial cost savingsand it remains in the root zone for many years, indefinitely you could say!


Austrablend®Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner is a soil improver for Agriculture, water conservation, organic soil conditioning and food security.

  • Austrablend®Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner is a soil improver formulated from natural clays.  These constituents ensure that AustraBlend® has a very high water holding capacity and cation exchange.  It also stores water and nutrient molecules for plant access at low surface water tension.
  • AustraBlend® is a mineral found in this form only in Queensland, Australia which is high in plant available nutrients and silica, often overlooked but essential for healthy plant growth.
  • AustraBlend® prevents water and fertilisers from leaching down through the soil and away from the plant root zone, thus substantially reducing the need for irrigation and fertiliser applications. 
  • Maximises Water Retention as Plant Available Water.
  • Maximises retention of fertilisers (NPK) and makes them available to plants.
  • High Natural Nutrient Profile, soil health and microbial activity.
  • Permanent Benefit To Sands AustraBlend® components do not break down and dissipate thus become a permanent beneficial addition to sandy soils.
  • Relatively low cost and ease of application.
  • Nematode Control cost savings, avoid use of costly, dangerous chemicals.
  • Long term strategic benefit to countries of the Middle East and North Africa.
  • High quality, outstanding value for money.
  • Salinity Management.

Why AustraBlend®Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner?

Desert sands are incapable of conserving water and growing any but a few naturally adapted native plants.  AustraBlend® has been designed by AustraBlend® Pty Ltd specifically for arid, desert conditions and provides the necessary elements allowing water retention and nutrients essential to plant growth.

Plants grown in AustraBlend® and sand can be successfully grown using up to 50% less water generally, as it prevents water and fertiliser from leaching down through the sand and away from the plant root zone.  AustraBlend® is designed to be used mixed with native sands, not as the exclusive growing medium.

The clays remain in the sand, whereas growing mediums commonly used dissipate within nine months.  AustraBlend® will also contribute to salinity control, the clays used as a membrane preventing translocation of salts.

The principal constituent is a mixture of nontronite smectite clays derived from laval flows into fresh water.  AustraBlend® holds the rights to a large deposit in Queensland, Australia measured at over 15 million tonnes.

What are the benefits of AustraBlend®Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner?

  • Large increase in water holding capacity, absorbing and holding water that would otherwise drain away and be lost
  • Large increase in cation exchange capacity of the soil
  • Decrease in frequency of fertilizer and water application by up to 50%
  • The increased water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil remains a PERMANENT feature as the clays do not break down over time
  • AustraBlend®Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner is derived from completely natural ingredients that are non toxic and have only beneficial effects on the eco system
  • Increases plant nutrient uptake by holding water and dissolved nutrients in the soil and making them available to plants over an extended period of time

Application Rates

Recommended application rate is between 5 - 10% AustraBlend® incorporated into the sand at a depth of 50cm.  Different rates are applicable to different situations depending on terrain, end use and plants to be grown. 

Please see below attachment for examples and please contact us for advice regarding your specific requirements.

   Application rates


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