Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner

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  • Highest quality Nontronite Smectite clays.
  • Elements such as dolomite, gypsum, etc can be blended as determined by the soil profile analysis.
  • Permanence in the medium, increasing soil CEC to optimum levels.
  • Guaranteed reduction in water consumption.
  • Improved soil health and microbial activity.
  • Using Austrablend® will guarantee increased production yields and fertiliser application savings.

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National Food Security

  • Crucial importance to Middle East food security
  • Enormous cost implications
  • Phenomenal ongoing savings through use of AustraBlend® Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner
  • Turn Desert Sand into Arable Soil!

Water Conservation

Wikipedia (USDA data) states the time taken to drain sandy soil from flooded to field capacity is three times quicker when compared to a clay based soil viz. AustraBlend®.

Desalinated water costing $1 per m applied to one hectare of sandy soil treated with AustraBlend®, results in savings of $800,000 per annum per hectare.

Food Production

At 5% by volume, depth 50cm depleted sands  convert to permanent arable soils.  USDA data confrming water filtration reduced by factor of three when sandy soil treated with AustraBlend® Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner.


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