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Overview of AustraBlend and AustraHort

Posted by Mike Farrar on 17 December 2014

In an attempt to more positively market our services, we have produced a flow chart identifying the full range of services offered by both companies, AustraHort Pty Limited and AustraBlend Pty Ltd and trust that the reader will grasp the interrelated nature of the companies where for example, users of seed may well need AustraBlendMulti Mineral Soil Conditioner to improve their propagating mediums and the Ganixx-Bio organic inputs to improve plant health.

We look forward to responding to any questions you may have to the contact details below and also to Hercules Strydom, 0400 228 169 for AustraBlendMulti Mineral Soil Conditioner and for information relating to the Consolid System.

For complete information please follow the links appearing in the flow chart.


Michael Farrar

AustraBlend Pty Ltd/AustraHort Pty Limited
Author:Mike Farrar
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