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Austrablend SuperSorb - ideal for Minesite revegetation works

Posted on 16 August 2010

Dear Environmental Manager,

I would like to introduce you to our new web site, www.austrablendsupersoil.com and to also advise you of some seed specials we are running to encourage purchases for Spring revegetation.

AustraBlend® SuperSorb has been developed by us for the treatment of Middle East sandy soils but has equal application to difficult environments here in Australia where moisture retention of a permanent nature is required.

The product is a blend of smectite clays and crushed basaltic rock named palagonite and is blended together at scientifically prepared ratios to achieve a permanence in the soil, providing long lasting water retention at low surface tension (high CEC) where plant life can maximally access the nutrients and moisture required for healthy growth.

For further information, please check the web site or call us here at 07 38210745 – we have for you, a relatively inexpensive and permanent solution to a problem facing all mine site revegetation efforts…… please call!

Please visit our website www.austrahort.com.au for a list of our current seed specials. These can be found in the Newsflash section.

We look forward to hearing from you on all matters.


Michael Farrar

AustraHort Pty Limited.

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