Website update

Posted by Jasmine Carter on 15 January 2014

We are in the process of updating our website, so we apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Please feel free to contact us for any information needed regarding SupraSorb or the Ganixx-Bio Range.

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AustraBlend Update

Posted by Jasmine Carter on 20 February 2013

Hi everyone,

Mike is away in the Middle East at the moment and we are getting some positve feedback on AustraBlend SuperSorb and also our new and exciting range of Organica products.  When he gets back we'll post some photos of his travels.

If you are interested in getting more information on either the AustraBlend SuperSorb or Organica products please contact Hercules Strydom directly on 0400 228 169.

We are updating our blog often so please pop over and have a read and feel free to like or comment on our posts.  We're always looking for customer feedback about our sites or products!

Please like our facebook page Austrablend or our sister company Austrahort !

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New Product Range

Posted by Mike Farrar on 6 February 2013

Good news for AustraBlend Pty Ltd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week alone we have recorded 1053 unique page visits and 1853 page views - that's great, the message is getting out.........

AustraBlendSUperSorb is a PANACEA, providing water conservation and soil amelioration and soil health in one product......unique, so come on, let's keep it going and to me!

Mike Farrar's news - departing Friday for Middle East where we are on the cusp of confirming business for SuperSorb of real significance.

Supporting SuperSorb, we have been engaged as exclusive agents in MENA and for the strawberry growers of SE Qld for the company Organica Australia Pty Ltd, produces of an outstanding range of wholly ORGANIC fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. This is an extremely exciting and important development.......GET ON THE BUS PEOPLE, RIDE WITH THE WINNERS!

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SuperSorb News!

Posted by Mike Farrar on 22 January 2013

Hey you guys - there have been 800 odd unique page visits to our site and no one has commented on my old mug nor Connor, one of my three handsome grandsons.....bad form indeed !!!!!!


Seriously the good news abounds for we have added to our range the ORGANIC range of fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides of ORGANICA Australia P/L of Brisbane.

Initially we will be targeting the Strawberry Growers of SE Qld and have been given exclusive rights to market Organica to these growers. This means that in addition to the water conserving soil ameliorant AustraBlendSuperSorb, Hercules has a full range of inputs that once tried, will astound growers when they see and TASTE the resultant crop.

In terms of EXPORT, I depart for the Middle East on Friday traveling to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar to follow up on trials we have under way in the UAE, to negotiate the Import Permits for Saudi Arabia, to make  start in Kuwait and to establish major trials in Qatar.

Don't hold back dear friends, get on board and let's hear from you no matter where you are.

Hercules Strydom 61 422 228 169

Mike Farrar 61 411 554 313

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Posted by Jasmine Carter on 16 January 2013
We will hopefully have some exciting news to report next week........stay tuned for details!
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