Posted by Mike Farrar on 23 July 2014

Friends, you won’t believe it! – we have in AustraBlend®SupraSorb, the best soil amendment at the cheapest comparative price, all of our assertions confirmed by scientific analysis and yet, we can’t make anyone sit up and take notice! 

  • water conservation
  • high CEC
  • rich in natural trace elements

The real deal!  So what are we doing wrong?  Can anyone offer any meaningful marketing advice? Contact us on (07) 3821 0745!

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AustraBlend®SupraSorb Multi-Mineral Soil Conditoner - More Users!

Posted by Mike Farrar on 2 July 2014

Queensland Coastal Municipal Councils are showing strong interest!

The Gold Coast City Council, in preparation for 2018 Commonwealth Games must invest massively in infastructure, playing fields and public amenities which will allow us the opportunity to extensively trial SupraSorb.  This gives us encouragement that we will be able to demonstrate the undisputed quality of our product and that we will break through with this council, making sales of significant quantites.

Once we make a start, we confidently predict that other coastal municipalities will rapidly follow suit.

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Domestic/Export End Users of SupraSorb

Posted by Mike Farrar on 23 June 2014
Last week we received 38 responses to our Blog, that’s great  :)  Before we know it, we'll be run off our feet packing and shipping SupraSorb to smart users!

Who will these users be?


  • Mining companies for revegetation of mined land
  • Property Developers, improving native sandy soils to conserve water and improve growth prospects for all plant material
  • Municipal Councils, Parks and Gardens
  • Sporting Complexes, playing fields, golf courses, race tracks and many more commercial applications


  • Food production, food security in developing countries
  • Public amenity, parks and landscapes
  • Sporting playing fields – we meet the requirements of US Golf Association as a root zone amendment for all tees and greens built under USGA specification and also FIFA for football playing surfaces

We have all the documentary support necessary, contact us please and allow us to be an active support in your soil management requirements.

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Posted by Mike Farrar on 18 June 2014
Hello… we have decided to become very much more proactive in marketing SupraSorb so expect to see us every week, maybe even twice a week!

At this point in our development, we are packing for commercial use in bulk or one tonne Jumbo bags…not yet in retail packs, they will come once we get sufficient throughput to merit the expense of packaging etc.

Please check the website for more information and contact us.
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Water Conservation and Growth Enhancement

Posted by Mike Farrar on 16 June 2014
Readers will be aware of the importance to our ecology and welfare of Water Conservation – they may not be aware that there is a solution, an organic solution at hand that permanently deals with this subject and permits the healthy growth of any plant material using approximately 50% of normally applied water?...........the answer.

AustraBlend®SupraSorb, Multi Mineral Soil Conditioner

See our website for further details and contact information

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